Get On Board!

At Kidskintha, parents feel understood. Parenting is more than diapers and bottles, it is about us as parents and humans. Because, who can deny that as parents, we raise ourselves as much as we raise our children?

And along the journey, we gain perspectives, experiences, lessons, and a lot of – wisdom!

It would be great to pass on some of that wisdom from your experiences along to your fellow parents around the world.

Coz, hey! We feel ya!

Kidskintha invites you to write for us with your hard-earned wisdom, or your research insights, your irreverent perspective to society’s standards on parenthood, your struggles, your wishes in short- we are interested in your life as a parent.

Here are some things we are looking for

1. Personal, highly relatable essays:

These are essays that jumpstart conversations that need to happen, but usually don’t. Our community goal is to offer (non-judgemental) support, and an opportunity to voice out your own perspectives. If your story is uniquely heart-touching, heartfelt and candid and carries personality- we will be delighted to hear from you.

Article length – 800-1200 words

2. Research- backed articles:

  • Parents could always use practical, useful advice. Your articles must contain actionable points based on research and must cite from sources like science journals or credible news sources.
  • We are thrilled to receive articles that are abreast of current research in human and child psychology.
  • Please make sure your article is well-researched and presents a unique angle to your readers.
  • Start with a relatable anecdote to make your point.

Length: 1500-2000 words 3. Reviews

If you could get your hands on a new product or book that you are delighted with(or not so much), we would be glad to run your opinion on it.

Length- 750-1000 words


4. Quips by Kids

We all have those conversations with our kids. Side-splittingly humorous or beyond-the-years, thought-provoking quips. Let us know and share a laugh with the world.

Length: ~200-250 words


5. Recipes

Parents of growing children know how We welcome ideas for quick, nutritious recipes and for snacks and lunch box.

Only recipes accompanied with high-quality, uniform images will be accepted. Clear instructions are a must.


6. Lists and resources

Anything resources that parents could use. Here are some examples.


Submission Process

  • Please write with the title “Article pitch for Kidskintha:Category”

The category is where your article fits in. For example, if you are submitting a science-based article, it would be “Article Pitch for Kidskintha: Science-backed.”

  • Please send the completed article.
  • We edit. However, we would like our submissions to be as clean as possible. Please make sure your article has short paragraphs and is easy skimmable. Tools like Grammarly are great for this.
  • We will try and respond to all emails within one week. However, the volume is too high and sometimes things fall through the crack. We encourage you to send one reminder after one week.


Publication process

  • Your articles must be original and must not be published anywhere.
  • We reserve the right to edit your submissions and may not be able to send the article back to the user for approval before submissions.
  • We will notify you once your piece is published.
  • You must share your article in your personal social circles.
  • You must keep an eye out for comments on your piece and respond appropriately.
  • We reserve the right to republish or reuse the material, with due credit to you, of course.