Parentage is a very important profession, but no test of fitness for it is ever imposed in the interest of the children – George Bernard Shaw

It’s true, isn’t it? And strange!

You would require ‘X’ years of experience on almost everything else in the world, to be considered good enough to handle it on your own- except for parenting. But then, you gain the years of experience only when you have already become a parent…but now, obviously you are unprepared. And, by the time you have the years to count as experience – not to mention that a different set of challenges are hurled at you every passing year, the children are already grown up…

The Vagaries of Time

And, of course, the next generation isn’t the same anymore. It isn’t like you can always go back to your own mommy for advice; because like everything else- every age in the History of Time presents its own unique challenges in parenting. By and large, our parents didn’t have to deal with the terror of consumerism, or the challenge of the distracted child, or the challenge of being distracted parents themselves. They didn’t have to introspect whether they were just cautious or psychotic, or to weigh the pros and cons of over-scheduling their children. They worried about getting the child an education, not whether ‘education’ was stifling the real potential of the child. They never faced the consequences of too many toys or contemplated the reasons behind teenage aloofness, and choosing between discipline techniques.

And, yes, the burden of raising a child was shared by the family. It wasn’t all about Mom and Dad(in some cases, only mom or only dad)- making it seem less daunting. Balancing the tightrope between career and home(for women, especially) was hardly a mainstream debate!
The Evolution of Terms

And so, like everything else, we have seen terms and definitions evolve – terms like Tiger-mom and Elephant mom, Helicopter Parenting, Attachment Parenting, Permissive Parenting, Positive parenting,…in an attempt to make everything within grasp.

But then, here’s something beautiful…

Parenting is Timeless

Those words were by Thiruvalluvar, a revolutionary Tamil poet and philosopher in the 3rd century B.C – 3rd century B.C – can you imagine how long ago that was?

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If we are parents, we should probably stick it as posters behind our wardrobe doors.

For one, it tells us that the parenting challenge has existed in every age and every society. Secondly, it tells us the fundamentals are just the same.

Can we deny one word from that verse today, after all these years? Has there been any evidence from all the study of child and behavioural psychology that any of those things may not hold good anymore?

Astounding, isn’t it? As a parent, I felt the verse talking to me. Urging me to look beyond the layers. To let go the urgencies and tendencies of any single period. To delve into the science behind the magic of childhood. To find the basis for first understanding the child. To understand that we are not just ‘raising’ our own children- we are also instruments in guiding other humans- who happen to be little, to begin with.

Shouldn’t we look for, strengthen and internalise those TIMELESS parenting practices?

The story of Kidskintha

Kidskintha is a name adapted from Kishkindha- a mythical garden where the famous monkey army of Ramayana celebrated the victory of Hanuman finding Sita. The garden served as a place where the monkeys could go crazy and let themselves go- in joy, in victory, in ecstasy.

Through this medium, I hope to be able to glean resources on two important facets of a child’s life- parenting and education- that will help both parents and educators raise happy, confident, robust- but most importantly- joyful children. I, along with our contributors persevere to bring to you relevant issues that went from ramblings in an inquiring mind to theories and finally morphed into findings corroborated by science and supported by data- and, stood the test of time.

Join Us!

The quest is far from over(it may well never end), but the journey has been made truly wonderful and unique by the support of so many wonderful people all over the world.

From time to time, you will also be inspired by our growing list of spunky men, women & children who have become our inspiration through our ‘Remain Inspired’ series, breaking all barriers and rising to the top, while having their feet firmly grounded. We all could learn a thing or two from each of them!

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