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Ameya has a very cute way of mixing up words. She often forgets her words mid-sentence turning desperately to her older sis; Ananya for help. Me and hubby also often take our ever-resourceful Ananya’s help to figure out what Ameya really means…

There are many; but here are a few recent ones…

Mix-up 1:

I have joined an Aerobics class recently. And Ameya always substitutes the word “Boroplus” for Aerobics…Wherever she caught that from!

Amma, do you have Boroplus class today?

Amma, please can I come with you to Boroplus calss?

Amma, even I want to dance in your Boroplus class…

Mix-up 2:

The kids’ best friend recently shifted to another apartment complex¬† called “Windsor” and the kids had been there to spend a good day with their friend…

After we got back, Ameya would ask me everyday, ” Amma, can we please go to Freezer today?”

Me: Freezer? Meaning?

Ananya,”Oh! She means Windsor”.

Mix-up 3:

Ameya developed a little skin rash and I applied an ointment called “T-Bact” on the area.

She goes over to my mom and promptly says, ” Amma applied Timbaktu on my face”.




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