Aurora World is known for crafting very high-quality plush and their two popular fantasy lines–“Sea Sparkles” and “Sparkle Tales”–truly live up to the reputation of the company. These two series include a multi-colored range of mythical creatures from dragons, to unicorns, to mermaids, that celebrate the fantastical and whimsical.

Product Details

“Sparkle Tales” fantasy creatures such as the unicorn and dragon. These magical cuddly characters come in bright colors and cute designs to evoke a “fairy tale” feel. The smaller dragon characters make a “magic” noise when squeezed. “Sea Sparkles” is a line of mermaids and some sea creatures that include models such as Princess, Bride, Jungle, and winter wear.

Aurora World
This blue dragon by Aurora World is a unique crowd pleaser.

Pros and Benefits

These toys are very detailed and beautifully crafted using an array of fabrics and materials. For instance, the dragons in the line often have shiny wings and chests and the mermaid’s tails are usually shiny and/or filly. Each character is cute yet very distinctive. Among the dragons, there is a blue one that is obviously a female given its long eye lashes and girlish face. It is truly wonderful to see a female dragon in a blue hue as is it quite unique and a nice change from the standard pink and purple offerings (although Aurora World has plenty of them too).

Cons and Drawbacks

These series are extremely cute and high-quality. They are standard plush though and do not include any “extras” such as the ability to move, have siri-like conversations, change colors, etc. Given that most of these toys are parts of larger lines, getting one will likely turn into a quest to collect them all…which can add up quickly.

Fun Additional Ideas

These plush toys are a great way to introduce children to the mythology and backstories of dragons, unicorns, mermaids, and other fantastical creatures. These toys are also a lot of fun to name and make up characters for, which is a standard part of role-playing which strengthens imagination.

Final Notes

Toys in the “Sea Sparkles” and “Sparkle Tales” lines retail for between $10 and $25. To learn more, visit the official website of Aurora World.

Aurora World
Aurora World has many fantasy/mythical creatures in their line.

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