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Ananya is battling severe excema and we are pulling out our hair not knowing what else is left to try..

Last week,  we took her for some reaction tests and we were prepared for many things…but not for her response. She rebelled, cried, pleaded, did everything possible to avoid the needle on her arm…The dad coaxed, pleaded, bribed, scolded and finally pressed her down to get the sample out…

After coming home, when she was much calmer, she said, ” When I grow up, I am going to make all medicines painless…even blood test. NO needles!”.

The dad, ” Great Idea! Do you know there is some research on these lines already?”

Anan( Seriously disappointed): What! Somebody has copied my idea already!!!

Some plagiarism, that 🙂



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  1. Mihira says:

    That is adorable! My older daughter had severe eczema on her face. It was so bad that doctor had finally prescribed steroids. Luckily I found a simple remedy before I started her off on the steroid cream. Plain older Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. I slathered it on in thick layers. Her baby soft skin was back within a week. Now every time I notice the beginnings of a break out, I immediately use vaseline and it is gone the very next day!

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