I am thrilled to see a conference hosted by an Indian parenting website that has brought together renowned names in the various fields of parenting. Not only are the presenters known, the topics have been curated to give parents practical ways to better themselves. Areas like resilience, social emotional well being, skilling for adolescents, etc. are relevant and needed areas of discussion. I got to see a preview of a session on mindfulness by Christopher Willard and was impressed with the ease with which Devishobha guides the discussion to the needs of the Indian parent community. I am looking forward to listening to more of the speakers during the conference.

Sangita Krishnamurthy

I am an avid researcher regarding parenting techniques, especially for complex or spirited children, and have already found this summit so helpful. I especially loved Bonnie Harris’s piece. Thank you for bringing all of these great resources to the world in a way we can easily access.

Lisa Lynam Piar

28 Experts, 4 days, 7 Tracks

Meet Your Presenters

DAY 1- February 15th, 2019

TRACK #1: Practicing Child-Centered, Connection-Based Parenting

Leeza Steindorf

Leeza Carlone Standorf
Organizational Transformation Specialist, Success Coach, Author of 'Connected Parent, Empowered Child'
Five keys to raising happy, confident, responsible kids

Erik Fisher, PhD (Dr. E)

The Art of Managing Everyday Conflict: Understanding Emotions and Power Struggles
Psychologist, Family Coach, 'Genius of Play' Expert, Author of the "The Art of Empowered Parenting: The Manual You Wish Your Kids Came With"
 Harnessing the ‘Power of Play’ to create critical parent-child connection.

Tracy Cutchlow

Tracy Cutchlow
Journalist, Editor, Speaker, 'Language of Listening' Coach, Best-Selling Author of 'Zero to Five'
 Respectful parenting: How to make kids feel seen and heard

Bonnie Harris

Bonnie Harris
Counsellor, Parent Educator, Author of 'When Your Kids Push Your Buttons'
 How to parent with composure even when your kids know how to push your buttons

TRACK #2: Beating Parenting Overwhelm

Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam
Time management expert, TED Speaker, Author of 'Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done'
How to manage the 168 hours in your week to pave way for guilt-free parenting

Madeleine Davis

Madeleine Davis
Author of 'A Stress-Free Family- From Chaos to Calm' in only 28 days.'
The 5 Step Formula for A Stress-free Family

Maureen Walsh Lake

Maureen Walsh Lake
Health Expert, Special Educator, Author of "Being Happy, Raising Happy'
Empowering parents through radical acceptance and tools for raising spirited children

DAY 2- February 16th, 2019

TRACK # 3: Raising Children With Self-Awareness

Christopher Willard,PhD

Christopher Willard
Psychologist, TEDxer, Faculty at Harvard Medical School, Author of 'Growing Up Mindful'
How to get kids and families connected through the practice of mindfulness

Roopa Pai

Roopa Pai
Children's book author, Author of ' The Gita For Children'
How to help children develop great work ethics and manage expectations from everything in their life

Rebecca Bowen

Rebecca Bowen
School Counsellor, Founder: 'The Emotional Wellness Project', Author of 'My incredible talking body: Learning to be calm'
How to teach kids to take back control in stressful situations

Amy Lang

Amy Lang| Speaker at Kidskintha online parenting conference
Childhood Sexuality expert, parent educator, Author of "Bees+Birds+Your Kids"
How to have ‘The Talk’ with your kids: Childhood sexuality and body awareness without the awkwardness

TRACK #4: Making Sense Of Their Rapidly Changing Bodies And Minds 

Dennis Coates, PhD

Dennis Coates
Creator of award-winning online adult assessment and learning systems, Author of "How Your Teen Can Grow A Smarter Brain.
How to harness the crucial window of massive brain change in adolescents to raise remarkable humans.

Annalise Kordell

Annalise Kordell
Child and adolescent psychotherapist, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Clinical Director: The Center For Connection
How to build coping mechanisms for unprocessed and frightening big feelings through a child’s changing years

Letha Marchetti

Letha Marchetti
Occupational Therapist, Author of 'Dragons & Daisies: Keys to Resolve Baffling Behaviour in Early Childhood Education'
How to spot and make sense of baffling behaviour in children early on

DAY 3- February 17th, 2019

TRACK #5: Raising Future-Ready Kids

Kiran Bir Sethi

Kiran Bir Sethi
Education Activist, Founder of 'Design for Change' curriculum used by 250 000 children across 22 countries
How to raise leaders by helping them connect with their communities and work on real-life problems.

Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts
ADHD Expert, BBC Radio 'Top 5' Guest, Author of " Get Off That Game Now! The Essential Family Guide to Healthy Screen Behavior"
How to help parents and kids get away from the vice grip of digital addiction

Catherine Coode

Cat Coode|Speaker at Kidskintha online conference
Data Privacy Professional, Online Reputation Management Expert, Tech Blogger, Founder of 'Binary Tattoo'
How to teach kids to manage their 21st Century alter egos: their digital identities.

Michael Sharpe

Michael Sharpe
Founder of Acute By Design, a publishing house focused on diversity for children
How to use the gift of literature to help children recognize shrinking borders and embrace diversity in culture, race and religion.

TRACK #6: Raising Strong And Resilient Children

Dianne Maroney

Dianne Maroney
Psychiatric Mental Health Coach, Author & Founder of "The Imagine Project"
A simple, yet powerful award-winning 7-step process for kids to work through trauma and stress and create new possibilities.

Sherryll Kraizer, PhD

Sherryll Kraizer, PhD
Internationally acclaimed expert on child well-being and safety, Forensic Expert, Author of "10 Days To a Bully-Proof Child"
 Strategies to build confidence in kids and combat bullying effectively. 

Swati Popat Vats

Swathi Popat Vats
Early School Educator, Founder & Chairman - Podar Jumbo Kids, President -Early Childhood Association India
How to recognize signs of stress and create an environment( At home and in school) to combat it.

Dr. Mark Bertin

Dr. Mark Bertin
Development and Behavioral Paediatrics Specialist, Author of 'How Children Thrive,''Mindful Parenting For ADHD',"The Family ADHD Solution'
Teaching children how to bounce back from adversity

DAY 4- February 18th, 2019

TRACK #7: Setting Children Up For Academic Success

Eric Endlich, PhD

Eric Endlich 1
Psychologist, Founder of Top College Consultants, Writer/Editor, Autism Expert
How to help teens prepare for college and find their dream school

Ritika Subhash

Ritika Subhash
Educator, Children's book writer, Director at Mangahigh, an adaptive platform for Maths Learning
How to motivate children into academic success by beating anxiety and stress

Surinder Sharma

Surinder Sharma|Speaker at Kidskintha parenting online conference
Co-founder and CEO at Smart Kidz Club, a digital learning hub for children
How to equip kids with the skills required for the changing face of education

Douglas Haddad

Award-winning middle-school teacher, best-selling author of "The Ultimate Guide to Raising Teens and Tweens: Strategies for Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential"
Award-winning middle-school teacher, best-selling author of "The Ultimate Guide to Raising Teens and Tweens: Strategies for Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential"
How parents can learn the science behind motivating children to achieve their potential (minus the nagging.)

BONUS TALK #1: Emotional Intelligence Leadership

Holly Elissa Bruno, JD

Emotional Intelligence Leadership Expert, Radio Host, NAEYC Best-selling, Award-winning author of ' What You Need to Lead: Emotional Intelligence in Practice'
Emotional Intelligence Leadership Expert, Radio Host, NAEYC Best-selling, Award-winning author of ' What You Need to Lead: Emotional Intelligence in Practice'
Triumphing over your triggers, confidence-drainers and adult meltdowns: Neuroscience-informed parent practices to maintain dignity and humor no matter what

BONUS TALK #2: Security Awareness & Training for Kids

Chakradhari Rowe

Personal Security Architect, VIP/Close Protection Expert, Founder of Armored Spirit
Personal Security Architect, VIP/Close Protection Expert, Founder of Armored Spirit
Techniques and Strategies To Build Security Awareness In Kids, esp. in Public Spaces


Those annoying little questions in your head!

A Virtual Conference is a conference that allows remote attendees to access events and talk sessions by speakers from anywhere through their computers. The conference is hosted entirely over the Internet. Participants who sign up for the conference through a website can watch the sessions via streaming video- that’s hosted on a secure site. All you need is a device

Once you register, you will receive a welcome email and an email with your login credentials for viewing the conference. You will also receive email updates from Kidskintha in the weeks leading up to the event.

The conference site opens 2 weeks before the start of the conference. When the site opens, you will receive an email from Kidskintha with the site URL for the conference website, and your login ID and password.

The conference is happening between February 15th, 2019- February 18th, 2019 – That’s 4 days of brilliant life-altering talks.

Well, because nobody likes their wallets growing lighter, and legroom on flights is tighter than ever. You can save the worry of spending big bucks, and the tedium of ‘networking’ just to get a few free drinks. Plus- you are the master of your own schedule.

The talks scheduled for the day will all go live at 9 AM IST(Indian Standard Time).  The conference will feature a total of 28 experts from diverse fields of neurology, psychology, child development and many more from across the world.

Each of the 28 talks explores each topic in depth over 45-60 minutes.

The 2 bonus workshops are delivered over 30-40 minutes as a demo talk by the experts.

So overall you get 25+ hours of high value, potentially life-altering content in depth and breadth.

We have the likes of people who have delivered TED talks viewed over 7 million times, Neuroscience and Faculty from the Harvard Medical School, authors whose books have grosses top charts of the likes of New York and Washington Post, experts on the field who have designed programs that have been adopted and embraces by thousands of schools and educators across the world, BBC talk show guests and many many more!

We have got most of the raging issues with growing kids covered- from toddlerhood to adolescence. I am sure you will find a talk that could give you a few ideas about what you are currently dealing with- no matter what stage your kids are at.

Absolutely! Every talk scheduled for the day will be available FREE for a period of 48 hours.

What? You can’t make 6-7 hours a day in front of a screen for 4 days straight? You are incorrigible!  Just kidding. We know you are parents- parents!  Don’t worry, we have got you covered. You can still buy the premium conference package and watch the sessions on-demand any time even after the event.

Nope! We are definitely bringing you ideas and techniques from the books and work of these experts( and there’s some stunning work in there) but it’s all about building a circle of support for parents with some proven science. There are links to the speakers’ books and courses if you want to dive further than a 45-minute talk.

But, hey! Don’t act like you are above any sales pitch. We all know we’ve spent more time watching( and letting the kids watch) that commercial that’s throwing proven junk at our faces.

Nope! Since it is 100% online, any processing charges for the purchases you make will be entirely on me(Sigh, payment gateways!)

This is virtual- so we don’t even care if you are in your sweatpants or with your hair in a messy bun. You could be in your nightsuit plugging into the talks just before calling it a day or you could be in your business-casuals plugging into a talk while driving to a meeting! There- you have the perks for going virtual.

Oh yes! You can totally gift it to the sister or the friend you adore, who hardly seem their former selves because those little humans have invaded every inch of their lives without warning!

And yes! Claim that free coffee!

We put in 1100+ hours of work into this conference with the intent to bring you something that is only of the highest quality and truly helpful to parents around the world. However, if for whatever reason, you think these talks aren’t for you, just let me know within 30 days of purchase of the package and We will issue a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Hit us a note on conference@kidskintha.com and we will get back to you.


Can’t wait to see you on the other side!

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