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Light Stax: Interview with Inventor Johnny Lin

Light Stax

Light Stax light up and can be connected with LEGOs.

Light Stax is a system of blocks that can connect with Lego–that are known for one incredible feature…they light up! They were created by Johnny Lin, who is now an award-winning toy designer. While attending a toy fair in China, he saw many LED light vendors and building block vendors, but no one selling a combination of the two. He thought of his own children and was inspired to create something different: building blocks that light up! And so, the idea for Light Stax was born!

Light Stax has since become something of a sensation in the toy world. Johnny recently granted an exclusive interview where he discussed the process of creating the hot toy series.

Light Stax

An example of the box the toys come in.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you develop these blocks and was the technology difficult to create?

Johnny Lin (JL): It wasn’t easy to combine LED lights and building blocks, but after five years of research and development, Light Stax was introduced in 2014.

MM: The sets can connect to LEGO, so how integral was that to their design?

JL: We designed Light Stax with the intention of connecting to LEGO and other traditional blocks in mind, so kids can use their existing blocks to light up their creations and add a whole new dimension to building blocks.

MM: How exactly do these blocks work and what have you seen people create from them?

Light Stax

Each color block illuminates beautifully.

JL: Light Stax light up when connected to the power base or other lit Stax. They can be battery operated or plugged into a power source by USB. There are several examples of amazing Light Stax sculptures that artists have created at the Brick Ark Museum in Taiwan. In addition, people have used them to create large models of icons like PacMan for the Sony Movie “Pixels.”

MM: How many sets are currently on the market and how do you envision the brand evolving in the future?

JL: There are currently more than 20 major sets on the market, and 20 expansion sets. Since 2014, when we started selling our own brand of DUPLO-sized Junior bricks, we have tweaked the base to add sound activation and other features. We have added smaller size Light Stax SYSTEM bricks that are compatible with regular LEGOs, and Hybrid animal and car kits that feature lights and sounds.

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To visit the official website and learn more see here.

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