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I am scared of dogs. I mean, I really get fidgety when I see a dog in the vicinity and try to do everything to avoid catching its eye, I mean, catching the sniffs…

So, we were at a cozy get-together hosted by really nice, warm-hearted people. The only caveat was, the hosts’ dogs hosted the party too. My kids were in tow and so were the two (really curious and excited) canines…

While Ameya was excitedly playing with them, Ananya was caught up with something much more challenging…

I tried to be the gracious guest catching up with the small talk and the big; even as my eyes kept roving for the sign of terror. I managed to slink away a couple of times( more, I think) just when I noticed the canines approaching( hopefully not very rudely).

What I noticed later was that Ananya was trying to shield me! Guess from what??? Not from the dogs..but from the others before they could notice how scared I was!

I realized that she was really embarrassed by how fearful I was of dogs! And she was only 6!

Its not just they who embarrass us by throwing tantrums every now and then, we do it too! Let’s just be aware of this and appreciate them for their empathy:).



  1. Nikhil says:

    Now that’s a rare observation that u made. And I second your thought.:)
    A lovely post!:) 🙂 Crisp too! 😀

  2. jahidakhtar says:

    Haha.. even I’m very much scared of dogs 🙂

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