Chaiversations- Conversations over Chai

Chaiversations – Conversations Over Chai

Welcome to our “Chaiversations” series – a meeting of minds on topics relevant to the times.

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Read-Aloud And Story Narration

#TeaTimeTeasers: Read-Aloud And Story-Narration Sessions

A few weeks ago, we began our read-aloud sessions for children as a way to engage with our little humans in a more meaningful manner, especially given the lockdown times.

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Self-Care Inspiration

#MummyFitFamilyFit- The #TinyInspiration series for self-care and holistic wellness 

Check out #TinyInspirations from women around the globe in 2-minute nuggets to recharge your batteries and redouble on self-care. 

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UNESCO Futures of Education

UNESCO ‘Futures Of Education’ Initiative

Kidskintha, in partnership with UNESCO, aims to bring together multiple perspectives and opinions of the stakeholders who are impacted by the changing nature of education for the prestigious ‘UNESCO Futures of Education‘ initiative.

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The Special Kids International Summit 2020

The Special Kids International Summit 2020  

India’s first virtual summit in collaboration with UNESCO for Special Needs Education and Inclusion. 


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The Parenting Consciousness Conference

India’s first virtual parenting conference in collaboration with LIFE India.

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