As school kids we used to have a science club, thanks to Mrs. Radha Rukmani who instituted the same. We had an opportunity to go beyond the books and explore the concepts we had learnt! Interestingly Google Science Fair does exactly the same. Gives an opportunity to kids (worldwide) to showcase what is possible in their thinking. Towards a beautiful, sustainable and intelligent world that only kids can imagine! This particular invention grabbed my attention, of a girl using Peltier effect to produce energy for a flash light. And her thought in creating this is not just cos of the science (Peltier effect), but her concern towards the acidic nature of the batteries!! Now does that say more than just applying concepts? May be somebody did tell her regarding the pitch, but to say it with conviction is something.

Instead of an ill-organized Science Festival, brands and educational institutions should focus on creating platforms like the science fair. I particularly liked “Maker Faire” for the precise reason. They are focused towards creators who solve real world problems using science, technology and art. Exposure to stuff like Science festival is also a nice way to orient kids but I personally think it should start a school level. Schools- are you listening?

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Devishobha Chandramouli

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