Dr. Panda Town: Vacation! is a popular app by the Dr. Panda brand that enables players to visit a number of different vacation spots such as the beach, mountains, and woods. On February 21, 2019, the game added new features via two new realms to explore: Underwater City and Ancient Ruins. As per the standards of the series, each of these realms includes fun music and interactive features such as puzzles and moveable characters.

The Underwater City section includes a fancy underwater dining experience, a wedding chapel, and a throne room flanked by water and fish. It also comes with an adorable sea creature pet and a treasure chest that spouts gold and jewelry. The Ancient Ruins realm features pottery, a pyramid, a golden mummy’s tomb (in the shape of a cute hippo) and a throne. It also features a new character—a Golden Lion pharaoh—who can be moved from one location to the next, hence going on “vacation” throughout the app.

These two new additional worlds are nothing short of wonderful. Unfortunately, they do not include and mermaid or mummies characters and their spaces are relatively small. However, the Dr. Panda team could certainly expand on these wonderful areas by making it possible for players to access the pyramid, explore a big underwater sandcastle, etc. Stay tuned for future updates!

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Dr. Panda Town: Vacation!
Dr. Panda Town: Vacation! now features two new locations called Underwater City and Ancient Ruins.

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