My 6-year old, ananya was having a hard  time finishing the food on her plate. So, I decided to feed her. One of the illusions we have is that things get done quickly when we do them standing…So, I did that..I was standing while feeding her…When she showed no signs of understanding the signal for urgency, I blurted ,  exasperated, “ Ananya, gulp your mouthful. I am standing here trying to feed you!!!”  What I got in exchange was a look a total bewilderment and a chair along with a , “ sit down!”  from her.



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Devishobha Chandramouli

Devishobha is the founder of Kidskintha- a global parenting and education collective, and the host of the global virtual conferences hosted on the platform. You can also find her voice on the Huffington Post,, Entrepreneur, Lifehack, TinyBuddha, Thought Catalog and many other publications.

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