The Parenting Consciousness™ Online Summit Conversations are hugely valuable to helping you invest your energies wisely during the crucial growing years of your child.

However, we are parents and we can’t always devote the time and attention to make the most of these insights during the Summit.

The good news is you won’t miss a thing with the Parenting Consciousness™ VIP Pass.

Get time-tested and research-tested wisdom from experts in child psychology, brain science, child development, neurology, emotional intelligence and much more directly to you! There are answers to everything, no matter what parenting stage you are in!

Learn from these world-class experts and benefit from their insights and strategies at a time that suits you. Catch up on anything you missed during the Summit, and access them anytime in the future.


The Crux

What do they have to Share?

In these value-packed interviews, each expert provides a “deeper dive” into their topic and shares more tips and strategies to invest in your family.  No fluff or theory. Only proven advice to help you beat overwhelm and bond deeply with your family.

Over 28 hours of expertise in one powerful library!

With all the great insights available in video and audio to stream or download, and in PDFs, you can now listen on the go or in your pyjamas in your moment of peace- just access from anywhere.

Participants of the conference say that even one or two tips from the experts put into practice can take your family bonding experience to a whole new level.




Key Takeaway Printable Journal 

Each family is different as is every child and parent.

To help you capture the insights and actionable points that speak to you the most, an electronic printable journal to help you capture what is most relevant to you!

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