The Secret Lives Of India’s Teens With Jyotsna Mohan Bhargava



Recognizing Math Learning Loss During Pandemic & Overcoming Math Avoidance


Using Indian Indigenous Systems For Contemporary Learning

Nurturing  The Sporting Mindset


Elements of Career Counselling: Bringing Schools, Skills & Careers Together 


Career Paths For Dyslexia Learners 


How ‘The Talk’ Can Keep Kids Safer Online

Managing Complex Kids In Complex Times 

Dyslexia and IQ: What’s to Know?

Children with reading disabilities are often diagnosed with dyslexia, but does the intervention come with a full understanding of the relationship between the learning disability and IQ?

Join us for a Chaiversaton with Dr. Michael Hart, a Difference Learning Expert and Dyslexia Specialist who co-chaired the Difference learning project at the MGIEP, UNESCO- India. He is also the founder of, an initiative started to bring research-backed dyslexia resources specifically tailored to the Indian education ecosystem.



Universal Design For Learning – Inclusion Made Easy

This week, we bring to you Sangitha Krishnamurthy, a passionate educator and the co-founder of The Teachers Collective talking about a novel learning model that allows for inclusion in an innate manner, as in- the curriculum design facilitates it for everyone. This model is fairly unknown and underutilized, but incredibly powerful!


Homeschooling, Alternative Curriculum, and Inclusion

Homeschooling has become the ‘norm’, and a majority of us now have access to content from all over the world. There is a perception that an ‘Alternative curriculum’ is only meant for children with ‘special needs.’

Meet Ambika Subramaniam- a special educator and an inclusive spaces advocate, who will talk about the myths surrounding alternative curriculum and how it can truly benefit children of all abilities. Ambika moved her career to education from accountancy, after being inspired by the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ about 12 years ago and has since helped over 100 special children move on to flourishing careers.

Harnessing The Power Of Books For Conversations of Diversity 

These are weird times- the world is really more connected than ever before and yet we all are having to isolate from each other. In the midst of a pandemic, where all of humanity should have unified like never before, we are seeing some unfortunate developments over diversity in groups, races, cultures- you name it.

Which brings us squarely to the question- What should the 21st-century kid really know? What skills really matter?


Holistic Wellness for Women

We kicked off the first of our ‘Chaiversations’ on “Holistic Wellness For Women’ with a very diverse panel to discuss women’s well-being in a true, holistic manner. Our panel also brought in perspectives on financial management for women, nutrition, mindfulness, and the importance of community for holistic well-being.


The Locker Room Culture: Where Does It Begin?

In the wake of the recent incident of young schoolboys using sexual threats and inappropriate language with their classmates over a social media group, this panel discussion and attempts to bring to light what steps we can take as parents, educators, and society as a whole to address this disturbing trend. The discussion promises to be very enriching with Dr. Swati Popat Vats, an accomplished educationist and President of the Early Childhood Association, India, and Chakradhari Rowe, a Personal Security Architect and Women & Child Safety advocate.



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