Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Dancing Doll

WowWee Releases Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Dancing Doll–Review

“Baby Shark” is a catchy smash hit of a song that became incredibly popular on YouTube in 2018. Now toy company WowWee has created a line of adorable toys based on the animated “Baby Shark” characters.
Dr. Panda Town: Vacation!

Dr. Panda Town: Vacation! Announces Two New Locations

Dr. Panda Town: Vacation! is a popular app by the Dr. Panda brand that enables players to visit a number of different vacation spots such as the beach, mountains, and woods. On February 21, 2019, the game added new features via two new realms to explore: Underwater City and Ancient Ruins.
Genius Games

Genius Games Produces Human Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzles

Human Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzles is a new series by Genius Games that give children an idea of what the human body looks like internally and how it functions.
Ricardo Reading Mouse

“Ricardo Reading Mouse” Educational Resources: Interview with Mrs Melissa Savonoff

Mrs Melissa Savonoff is a happily married mother of five gorgeous children who lives in Queensland, Australia. A Paediatric Occupational Therapist by trade, Melissa is also the author and developer of the adorable “Ricardo Reading Mouse” children’s educational resources.
Baby Beluga

Baby Beluga Game: Interview with Game Inventor Suzanne Lyons

“The Baby Beluga Game” is a new release by, a company that concentrates on games that inspire cooperative strategies.