Aurora World

Aurora World: Review of “Sea Sparkles” and “Sparkle Tales” Plush Toy Series

Aurora World "Sea Sparkles” and “Sparkle Tales” plush toy series truly live up to the reputation of the company. These two series include a multi-colored range of mythical creatures from dragons, to unicorns, to mermaids, that celebrate the fantastical and whimsical.

Card Game Meets Board Game: A Review of “Sequence” by JAX Games

“Sequence” by JAX Games is a board game that uses tokens and cards to operate. This review is for people who like unique games that combine card game elements with board game elements.
Wooden Stacking Toy Review: "Stack & Play" by Schylling

Wooden Stacking Toy Review: “Stack & Play: Lions, Tigers, and Bears” by Schylling

Wooden stacking toys are classic and iconic and Schylling has created one of the cutest of such offerings via their “Stack & Play: Lions, Tigers, and Bears” set. This wooden stacking toy review is for anyone with a child who is mastering their motor skills.

Review: “Mancala for Kids” by Pressman Toy

Review of “Mancala for Kids” by Pressman Toy.

“BigFoot Seek and Find”: Interview with Illustrator D. L. Miller

"BigFoot Seek and Find" inventor and illustrator, D. L. Miller, discusses his book series and more.