Kiddopia: An Edutainment App for the iGeneration

Kiddopia is an edutainment app that makes learning fun for small children. While a typical one-year-old knows about 70 words, an eighteen-month-old can learn one new word every two waking hours!

Hasbro Releases Excellent New Toys in Time for Fall 2018

Hasbro is one of the most successful tout companies in the world due largely to their incredibly Imaginative, detailed, and well-made toys. From original properties to licensed material, Hasbro knows how to create truly fun and unique items. Just in time for Fall of 2018
Fancy Nancy

“Fancy Nancy” Inspires a Toy Line

“Fancy Nancy” is a popular television show on Disney Junior which follows the adventures of a girl who brings fanciness to everything from her advanced vocabulary to her creative, elaborate attire, and so much more.

Bicycles, Tricycles and Ride-Ons: Toys That Promote Outdoor Play

Bicycles, Tricycles and Ride-Ons describe a genre of toys that aim to get kids outside and exercising rather than sitting at home in front of a screen.
Mridula Sridhar- Skola Wooden Toys

Single-Purpose Wooden Toys Are Crucial For Sensory Development: Mridula Shridhar of Skola Toys

Skola Toys is a brand that identifies with making single-purpose wooden toys that can engage children in learning activities for record durations.