Not Parent Approved

“Not Parent Approved”: Interview with Game Designer Maximina Revis

Not Parent Approved is a hilarious new card game that draws on bad manners and naughtiness to generate laughs.
Rideamals Scout

Rideamals Scout: An Amazing Interactive Ride-on from Kid Trax

Rideamals Scout is an amazing new toy from Kid Trax. This adorable and incredibly life-like pony combines battery-powered ride-on toy fun with real interactive play, thanks to fully motorized eyes, ears, head, and wheels.

Galactiquest: Interview with 11-year old game designer Ellie Skalla

Ellie Skalla is a girl from Illinois who, at the tender age of eleven, created a board game titled “Galactiquest.”
The Dream Pillow

The Dream Pillow: Interview with Jenna Sellers Miller, Mother of Inventor Harper Miller

Dreamt up by a 7-year old, The Dream Pillow™ is a new must have stuffed plush for children to help dream good dreams!

“Yookidoo Moments” Photo Contest Announced

Yookidoo, maker of developmental bath toys for children, has been celebrating the importance of discovery for ten years. In honor of the company’s ten-year anniversary, it has announced a “Makers of You & Me Moments” Photo Contest.