Dr. Panda

Dr. Panda Releases “Ice Cream Truck 2” App

Dr. Panda is a very popular series of app games designed for preschoolers who have just released a new game titled “Dr. Panda Ice Cream Truck 2.”

SolidRoots: Interview with Game Designer Jennifer Armstrong

SolidRoots is an emerging game company behind three brand-new games that are directly inspired by the practice of gift swapping.
Drop the Puck

Drop the Puck: Interview with Author Jayne Jones

"Drop the Puck: Hockey Every Day, Every Way" is the fifth book in The Official Adventures series by author Jayne J. Jones, a Minnesota native now living in Florida.

Toxic Meltdowns, Singing Monsters, and Yetis: Interview with PlayMonster Marketing Guru Lisa Wuennemann

PlayMonster is a toy company that knows how to make an impact by bringing forth some of the most fun, creative, and outright innovative concepts.

Toys, Games and DIY: New Releases for 2019!

Toys season is upon us! As the holiday season approaches, anyone with children will be eager to find the best presents be they toys or games.