Katha India I love Reading series

Katha’s ‘I Love Reading’ Series Harnesses The Inimitable Power Of Literature

Through the ambitious 'I Love Reading' series, Katha has embarked on an ambitious project of bringing reading skills slowly and steadily to the millions of poor children in India through it's unique 'Story Pedagogy' approach.

Finding the right digital resources for children- A review of Author Meagan Meehan’s books for children

Finding the right books that are both exciting and relevant for a child can be an uphill task. Here are some wonderful resources.

The Real Story of Pocahontas

Today, I am going to tell you a Disney fairytale; from a book less well known. Bear with me, until I finish. Bear with me, until […]

Hypatia of Alexandria – A story of Wisdom and Witchery

“Woman suspected of witch-powers, gang raped and killed by mob” – not a very uncommon headline, isn’t it? In fact it is not too shocking either, […]