The Shy Supergirl Review

Book Review: The Shy Supergirl by Shabnam Minwalla

The Shy Supergirl is about the nine-year-old girl Nina blessed with a unique superpower of knowing the real person behind their pleasantries. The story is about how Nina solves a neighbourhood mystery - and marks her transformation from a shy girl to a supergirl.

Book Review: Maya in a Mess by Meera Nair

Maya in a mess is a short story about the importance of giving little responsibilities to children early in their lives so that they learn to fulfil them. The author also tries to bring out the importance of telling the truth,  whatever be the situation.
Big Bully and M-Me Book Review

# Book Review: Big Bully and M-Me

Big Bully and M-Me suggests that we need to look beyond the bully to find out the reasons for his behaviour. The bully could be a victim sometimes. The author has beautifully handled the two sensitive issues of stammering and bullying among children.
The journey of a child from disagreeable-looking child to a lively, unbelievably different young adolescent. The garden that changes the lives of not just the little girl but the lives of those around her.