Off the Clock:Being less busy while getting more done

Book Review: ‘Off The Clock: Being less busy while getting more done’ by Laura Vanderkam

"Off the clock: Being less busy while getting more done" by Laura Vanderkam puts a hard lens on our stories of 'busy'ness. 
Richa Mukherjee

Book Review: I Didn’t Expect To Be Expecting By Richa Mukherjee

Richa Mukherjee's book,"I didn't expect to be expecting" explores how a DINK( Double Income No Kids) couple resists this irrevocable changing of their fast and free days, through the story of the bubbly and successful Tara, who is living the life of her dreams. 
The Good Indian Childs Guide to Eating Mangoes

Book Review: The Good Indian Child’s Guide To Eating Mangoes

Natasha Sharma's book, The Good Indian Child's Guide To Eating Mangoes does full justice to the cult status that mangoes enjoy in India. 
Gender series by Katha Foundation

Gender Series by Katha: Sowing the right seeds when minds are fertile

Katha's ingenious "Gender series" is a series of 5 adorable picture books that emphasize one aspect of gender inequality each.
Susie will not speak Duckbill Publications

Book Review: Susie Will Not Speak by Shruthi Rao-Duckbill Publications

'Susie will not speak' is a story about the beautiful journey of resilience through challenges and being a part of the support circle for friends.