All Of Me Author Venita Coelho

‘All of Me’ by Venita Coelho: A History and Mystery Blender

'All of Me' by Venita Coelho is mysterious and funny with characters that hold their own throughout the narrative.
Once Upon A Story: Gijubhai Badheka

‘Once Upon A Story’ on Gijubhai Badheka: A Handbook For Every Educator

Gijubhai Badheka introduced and incorporated teaching tools that we need today- over a hundred years ago from a small town in India.
Magical Women

Magical Women: India’s First All-Female Science Fiction Anthology Packs A Punch In Its Women

Magical Women is an anthology by 14 women featuring an exotic and versatile range of the feminine: Humans, Yakshis, Rakshasis, Goddesses that are magical.
The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know

The One Thing Every Mom Needs To Know: The Swiss Army Knife Parenting Book

The ONE Thing Every Mom Needs To Know is synthesized, distilled wisdom from 30 experts across the globe.
homebound-portraits of exile- Katha India

Katha’s ‘Portraits of Exile’ Series Is A Lovely Portrait Of Lives Away From Home

Katha's 'Portraits of Exile' series has three books with the stories of three separate Tibetan refugees settled in the Bylakuppe region of Karnataka.