Teaching Photography Basics- Photography for beginners

12 Online Resources For Teaching Photography Basics To Kids

A compilation of the best online resources and comprehensive guides focused on teaching photography basics to kids and beginner.
Paint with Franz Marc- Katha Books

Paint Like Franz Marc: Katha’s Gentle Nudge For Young Readers & Artists

Paint Like Franz Marc has a collection of the famous German Expressionist painter Franz Marc best known for his brightly colored paintings of animals.
Katha India I love Reading series

Katha’s ‘I Love Reading’ Series Harnesses The Inimitable Power Of Literature

Through the ambitious 'I Love Reading' series, Katha has embarked on an ambitious project of bringing reading skills slowly and steadily to the millions of poor children in India through it's unique 'Story Pedagogy' approach.

Stories for South Asian Supergirls: An explosion of inspiration

Stories for South Asian Supergirls is an anthology of superwomen that creates a domino effect for inspiration,energy and vitality.
Katha Earth Carer Series: Dotted lines by Bhuri Bai

The Earth Carer Series By Katha: Using Art As A Medium For Storytelling

Katha's new Earth Carer Series uses two beautiful media- Storytelling and Art to bring home the point of caring for our planet.