5 Things Mompreneurs Can Do To Crush Overwhelm in 2017

It’s time to stop thinking that women have to do it all. We can still have it all, but we need to stop doing it all and be open to help. There are no easy buttons or quick-fixes for success for anyone, and it’s no different for women. Let’s not make it harder for ourselves than it already is.

Women At Work: How One Company Shows Its Commitment To The Diversity Promise!

43% of women at work leave the workforce after deciding to have families because they struggle to get back; no matter how smart or productive they might be

Cat Coode: The Woman Who Helps You Understand Your Digital Identities

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Alicia Souza

Alicia Souza: The Woman Who Makes Art Connects Hearts

  Alicia Souza began a lonesome journey with the strength of only one thing – her genuine love for drawing. She forayed into the world of […]

Dinah Davis: Nailing it for Women in STEM

An exclusive interview Dinah Davis - One woman's effort to turn around perceptions about women and STEM