Deeptha Vivekanand- Founder, Ever After.

Learning through Stories – Meet the woman who set out to change how children learn!

School. Memories. Dreaded Math. Boring History.  Geography? and Biology? Too much work.  Long hours in classrooms.  Chemistry? Stand all day!  Lunch with friends. Interesting snippets about the prude […]

Dinah Davis: Nailing it for Women in STEM

An exclusive interview Dinah Davis - One woman's effort to turn around perceptions about women and STEM
Amulya KulkarniHaut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide

Self-Care Is A Win-Win For Everyone: Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide Finalist Amulya Kulkarni

Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide finalist Amulya Kulkarni chats with Kidskintha about why self-care leads to happiness and success.

Weight Loss Without Dieting: Pamela Pedrick Shows The Way

Walk into a mom meetup or even just a girls get-together and what’s the one topic that never remains untouched? That’s right- weight loss! Weight loss […]

Millets Are The Superfoods Our Kids Are Missing: Slurrp Farm Founder-Duo Meghana Narayan and Shauravi Malik

Slurrp Farm was started by two mothers determined to make kids' meals healthy and fun, and bring back millets as the superstar of the Indian meal.