I wasn’t done sleeping!

The first day of school after the summer vacation and the 5.45 alarm does not go off (I had set it for pm instead of am […]

I can see your hair!

My daughter Sharanya when she was 3 years old to her thatha “Thatha I can see your hair” Thatha – “I can do that too, I […]

What came before EVERYTHING?

Ameya: Amma, what came before us? I explain the process of evolution… Ameya: But what came before that? and that? and that? Me: I dont know Can […]

Fix her please, dear Nuerosurgeon!!!

A dear friend of mine is a spinal neurosurgeon. Krithika (my younger daughter) asks her about her job..   -Contributed by Usha Prakash     Please […]
Pregnant women

Why not me first, God?

Ameya is very angry that I didn’t get her out of my tummy first- that is before her older sister!  Here is what she had to […]