The Big and the Small!

Ameya was taking too long to finish her cup of yoghurt…so I gave her this ultimatum. “Ameya, I ‘ll give you only 2 minutes to finish […]

Kids and the Almighty.

Last Friday, my mum-in-law had made a South-Indian delicacy called ‘Mani Kozhakattais‘ which literally means ‘Bead Modaks‘. It’s made of rice flour rolled into small balls […]

What’s the fuss about???

Ananya is a huge fan of stories. I mean, I know all kids are..but I am saying this because our younger one, Ameya is not fascinated […]

Am just trying to call someone here!

Kids never cease to amaze me!!! It was one of those ‘How-Should-I-React-To-This’ moments for me when my daughter was playing with a cute model of the […]


My hubby andmy 6-year old  daughter were having a serious conversation last night. They went over a lot of topics together but this one is really […]