Genius Games

Genius Games Launches Kickstarter for “Nerd Words: Science!”

Genius Games is proud to be hosting a Kickstarter for their new game "Nerd Words: Science!" Genius Games has pioneered the science-meets-tabletop-gaming genre, and is the only board game publisher in the world focused on creating scientifically accurate strategy tabletop games.
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni " Kidskintha Author Interview

‘The Forest Of Enchantments’ Is A Tale Of Sita’s Depth and Courage: Author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

The Forest of Enchantments reinterprets character to focus on how the women respond and show their autonomy within the limits of what the situation allows.

Egg-Mazing: A New Way to Decorate Easter Eggs

The Eggmazing Egg Decorator is a new, fast, and mess-free way to decorate Easter eggs. Just in time for the approach of Easter, the company recently released “The Bunny Edition” of the item which retails for $19.99.

Thunder In My Arms: Interview with Musical Artist Lissa Schneckenburger

“Thunder in My Arms” is Lissa Schneckenburger's new album which tells of her personal experiences as a foster and adoptive parent.
Veterinarian Dr. Ruth MacPete

Veterinarian Dr. Ruth MacPete Releases New Children’s Book ‘Lisette The Vet’

'Lisette The Vet' is perfect for kids and pet lovers and is especially good for kids who are aspiring towards a profession as a veterinarian.