Blipblox: Interview with Inventor Troy Sheets

Blipblox is a new creation that walks the line between toy and instrument. It allows small children to explore electronic music based on STEAM learning.

Whistlefritz: Teaching Second-Languages Through Fun

Whistlefritz is a new CD that helps English speaking children learn Spanish or French through catchy songs and fun tunes.

YouTuber Blippi Announces New Book Series

Blippi is a popular YouTuber who blends entertainment with education. He has just released the first two books in what will become a series.
She Loves Me All the Same

She Loves Me All the Same: Interview with Author Alisha Gaddis

“She Loves Me All the Same” is a newly published book by Alisha Gaddis that focuses on a young child and her relationship with her step-mother.
Mister Rogers

Thank You, Mister Rogers: An Album Celebrating the Life of Fred Rogers

“Thank You, Mister Rogers” is a new album celebrating the life of Fred Rogers, the beloved children’s show host behind "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood."