Papa Siama and Auntie Dallas

Papa Siama and Auntie Dallas Talk about New Album “The Land of Yangalele”

Papa Siama and Auntie Dallas love music and bringing it–especially AFrican-styled music–to children and adults alike. Africa is a place with a rich history of music, […]

Bilingual Storytelling by BloSSom: Interview with Founder Bill Tan

Bilingual Storytelling by BloSSOM is powered by research in childhood bilingual literacy. This e-book app helps a new generation easily pick up a global language thanks to donors who wish to see better bilingual children’s books than the ones that simply place two translations side-by-side.
Keri Wilmot

Interview with Keri Wilmot: From Occupational Therapist to Trusted “Toy Queen”

Keri Wilmot is an occupational therapist who is known as a “toy expert”, as well as an expert for The Genius of Play, thanks to her blog dealing with her experiences as a parent.
Wink, Play, Spellbound Theatre

Spellbound Theatre presents ‘Wink’ on March 24, 2018

“Wink” is a new play at the Spellbound Theatre that explores dreams from the perspective of a child and a bear. An imaginative and multi-disciplinary performance, the play […]