Story Craze

Story Craze: A Storytelling Game

Story Craze is an innovative, new, educational, and often hilarious creative writing and storytelling game. Intended for children ages six and older, the game uses cards representing PEOPLE, PLACES, + THINGS as cues to ignite outside-the-box thinking to make up outrageously witty, laugh out loud three-chapter stories.
Kira Willey

Kira Willey Releases New Album “Every Voice”

Award-winning songwriter, author and mindfulness expert Kira Willey just released her most expansive recording yet, “Every Voice.”
Steve Elci & Friends

Steve Elci & Friends Release New Album, “Jump in the Puddles”

Steve Elci & Friends is a family entertainment group that is scheduled to release a new album called “Jump in the Puddles” on July 13, 2018.
AbunDance Academy

AbunDance Academy of the Arts presents “DREAM, AbunDantly!”

AbunDance Academy of the Arts is an established non-profit arts organization dedicated to offering children and adults affordable dance, theater, and musical instruction at all levels. In June of 2018 they will present a new work titled “DREAM, AbunDantly!”
Gunnar Madsen

Gunnar Madsen releases “I Am Your Food”

Gunnar Madsen is a Grammy nominated artist known for his off the wall style of songwriting. He will release his first family music album in a decade, “I Am Your Food,” on June 15, 2018.