My Ballerina Dolls

My Ballerina Dolls: Interview with Ballerina-turned-Inventor Tiffany Koepke

My Ballerina Dolls are a very special series of dolls that are designed to mimic the poses used in the actual art of ballet.

Ants Ants Ants Release Album Titled “Why Why Why?”

Ants Ants Ants is a uniquely named musical group for children that is about to release an album titled “Why Why Why?”

“Trick-Tac-Toe”: Interview with Doctor and Inventor John Cowan

“Trick-Tac-Toe” is a new game by Cortex Toys that blends the classic game of Tic-tac-toe with the recent “bottle flipping” craze.

Author spotlight: Interview with Rebecca Stead

Authors Wendy Mass (“The Candymakers”) and Rebecca Stead (“Goodbye Stranger”) are masterminds of middle-grade fiction who are now teaming up to write a book called “Bob” which is a magical story about the friendship between a young girl and an unusual creature.
Big Block Singsong

“Big Block Singsong”: Warren Brown and Adam Goddard discuss their JUNO Award Nomination

“Big Block Singsong” creators Warren Brown and Adam Goddard discuss their JUNO Award Nomination.