Steve Elci & Friends

Steve Elci & Friends Release New Album, “Jump in the Puddles”

Steve Elci & Friends is a family entertainment group that is scheduled to release a new album called “Jump in the Puddles” on July 13, 2018.
AbunDance Academy

AbunDance Academy of the Arts presents “DREAM, AbunDantly!”

AbunDance Academy of the Arts is an established non-profit arts organization dedicated to offering children and adults affordable dance, theater, and musical instruction at all levels. In June of 2018 they will present a new work titled “DREAM, AbunDantly!”
Gunnar Madsen

Gunnar Madsen releases “I Am Your Food”

Gunnar Madsen is a Grammy nominated artist known for his off the wall style of songwriting. He will release his first family music album in a decade, “I Am Your Food,” on June 15, 2018.

E-Blox: Electrifying STEAM learning for kids with creator Joe Seymour

E-Blox are a perfect example of a series that easily blends STEAM principles with toys and games. E-Blox are a construction line that gives kids the power to build motors, light up creations, and even make their own radio.

Vered Releases New Album “Songs for Sisters and Brothers”

Vered is a Brooklyn based therapist, musician and mother of three who is releasing her third album, “Songs for Sisters and Brothers” on May 18. The family-friendly album is based on her class work with families and her own experiences at home.