Laurie Berkner

Laurie Berkner Releases “Monster Boogie” Picture Book

Laurie Berkner is an award-winning children’s musical artist turned children’s book author. In July of 2018, her song “Monster Boogie” is scheduled to be released in children’s book form.
Rainbow Rock Band

Rainbow Rock Band Releases Album “Total Eclipse of the Rainbow”

Rainbow Rock Band hails from the DC metro area kids' music scene and have been presented with a Parents' Choice Award.
Get Out Of My Room

Interior Design for Kids: Interview with Jerry Brown Jr.

Jerry Brown Junior is a New York City based artist with over ten years of experience in building sets for stage, running crew for off Broadway shows and working as a freelance carpenter for a wide assortment of companies and theaters.
Mythical Slyme

“Mythical Sylme”: Review of a New Series of Slimes

Unicorns and potty humor are both huge trends in the toy industry and the two trends have been combined via a new kind of squeezable, stretchable, twistable slime—infused with shimmery goodness and shininess, of course—called “Mythical Slyme.”

Skullduggery: Interview with Art Company President Peter Koehl

Skullduggery is a company that is known for producing very high-quality art products that can be enjoyed by children and professional artists alike.