Selma’s Dolls

Promoting acceptance and love for cultures, religions and abilities through dolls: Inventors Valerie Alva-Ruiz and Courtney Stillwagon on Selma’s Dolls

Selma’s Dolls are adorable ragdolls created by Valerie Alva-Ruiz in partnership with fellow mom Courtney Stillwagon to mirror the beauty within every religion, culture and physical and mental disability.
World’s Smallest

World’s Smallest Celebrates 50 Years of Hot Wheels

The Super Impulse line features Hot Wheels' most collectible cars, and the iconic orange color track sets, including mini connectors, anchor clamps, and accessories.
India's first sanskrit movie

On bringing the first animated Sanskrit movie to the next generation: Interview with Ravishankar, creator of ‘Punyakoti’

Punyakoti, India's first Sanskrit movie will help keep the Sanskrit language alive and bring it to the generations ahead of us.  
The Not-Its!

The Not-Its! Release New Album “Ready Or Not!”

The Not-Its! have rocked the kids music world for over ten years with their up-tempo albums and high-jumping live concerts that give children their first "rock show" experience.
Evan and Vanessa

Evan and Vanessa: A Musical Duo Releases “In Our World There Are No Strangers” Album

Evan and Vanessa are a beloved musical husband-and-wife duo. On September 28, Evan and Vanessa will release their new bilingual (English/Spanish) album for children and families titled “In Our World There Are No Strangers/En Nuestro Mundo No Hay Extranjeros.”