Children's use of digital devices

8 Tips to Limit Children’s Use of Digital Devices

Smartphones, tablets and computers have become smaller and more convenient over the years due to technological advancement, making them easily available for children to use, leading to an increase in children's use of digital devices along with blurry vision from a young age.
Hiring the right nanny

11 Simple Steps To Hiring A Nanny Who Is The Right Fit For Your Family

Hiring a nanny can be an emotionally tough phase for both the child and parents, but these simple steps can make it easier.
parent-teacher partnerships

Nurturing parent-teacher partnerships for student well-being and achievement- Part 2

This is the second part of the Parent-Teacher Partnerships series. You can see Part 1 HERE.  In the first part, we examined a few scenarios which […]
teen cyberbullying

The Rise Of Teen Cyberbullying And What Parents Can Do About It

Teen cyberbullying is on the rise primarily due to the lack of consequences for the bully and the need for sensationalism.
childhood sexuality awareness

Childhood sexuality awareness is not ‘birds and bees’ talk: Dr. Nandita DeSouza of Sethu Foundation

Childhood sexuality is an important part of child development, intertwined with self-help skills, socialisation, self-awareness, body image and self-esteem.