Rape women

10 ridiculous things Indian movies show us about Rape!

Our movies are a reflection of our society. But it is also the other way around. Movies have the power to influence minds- and it is not an exaggeration to say that they can shape a generation with their mega influencing powers.
Motivation in Children

Grit to great! 3 easy ways to raise gritty children!

How do we build this trait called grit in kids? Can it even be developed? Or are some people simply born with it?

Shaping empathy in kids!

The good part is that though EQ may require nurturing, many children appear to naturally display emotional intelligence. Even infants seem to be able to tell an angry voice from a soothing voice.

The Terror of Consumerism

It is established that the role of parents can never be diminished in such a context. What can we do guard our little men and ladies from the...
The truth about lies

The Truth About Lies

It is only natural that parents will find it hard to take that our children do not speak the truth entirely. However, it is indisputable there are hardly any adults you will find that do not lie.