TINA TRASTER Author | Rescuing Julia Twice | parenting a child with reactive attachment disorder

Rescuing Julia Twice: An Adoptive Mother’s True Account Of Parenting A Child With Reactive Attachment Disorder

Imagine this: You wait eagerly to hear from the adoption centre. You finally do. Bring home a child. A very lovely child. You look forward to […]
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12 Productive chrome extensions to help with your work-life balance

How much of your life, work and otherwise, revolves around the internet? If you’re like most people, the answer is – a lot! The internet comes […]
Kuhoo Gupta | montessori philosophy of education | Kidskintha

This Award-winning musician is bringing the real Montessori Philosophy of Education back!

Indian moms often hear this piece of advice when they are expecting- stay healthy, mentally and physically.  We hear grandmothers persuading us to hear soft music […]
Maureen Lake Author of Book Being Happy Raising Happy - struggles of being a special needs parent - Kidskintha

On the Struggles of Being a Special Needs Parent : Author Maureen Walsh Lake

Maureen Walsh Lake had a normal life as a parent, and a special education teacher- until she found herself drowned in a sea of intense emotions […]
conscious parent - KidsKintha

How 7 Transformative Days Helped me Become a Conscious Parent

I was flipping through the TV a few weeks ago when I saw Oprah talking with Dr.Shefali Tsabary, clinical psychologist and author of The Awakened Family. […]