Maureen Lake Author of Book Being Happy Raising Happy - struggles of being a special needs parent - Kidskintha

On the Struggles of Being a Special Needs Parent : Author Maureen Walsh Lake

Maureen Walsh Lake had a normal life as a parent, and a special education teacher- until she found herself drowned in a sea of intense emotions […]
conscious parent - KidsKintha

How 7 Transformative Days Helped me Become a Conscious Parent

I was flipping through the TV a few weeks ago when I saw Oprah talking with Dr.Shefali Tsabary, clinical psychologist and author of The Awakened Family. […]
Playdate for Kids with Autism - World Autism Awareness Week - KidsKintha -Image 1

How To Ensure A Playdate For Kids With Autism Does Not Feel Like Walking On Eggshells

April is World Autism Awareness Month and it is heart-warming to see thousands of parents around the globe come forward to support children with autism. Even […]
10 best child friendly holiday destinations in India - Kidskintha

10 Best Child-Friendly Holiday Destinations in India

Yay!!! It’s summer- and summers bring with them the anticipation of a much deserved cooling-off period.  India has no dearth of destinations to choose from, but child-friendly holiday destinations […]

The Ultimate Guide To Babywearing

Babywearing is far from being a matter of convenience and needs to be considered carefully