Playdate for Kids with Autism - World Autism Awareness Week - KidsKintha -Image 1

How To Ensure A Playdate For Kids With Autism Does Not Feel Like Walking On Eggshells

April is World Autism Awareness Month and it is heart-warming to see thousands of parents around the globe come forward to support children with autism. Even […]
10 best child friendly holiday destinations in India - Kidskintha

10 Best Child-Friendly Holiday Destinations in India

Yay!!! It’s summer- and summers bring with them the anticipation of a much deserved cooling-off period.  India has no dearth of destinations to choose from, but child-friendly holiday destinations […]

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Babywearing is far from being a matter of convenience and needs to be considered carefully

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Personal Safety Attains New Levels With This Brilliant Invention

Ever been on the bus and had the vague feeling that something is ‘not right’ with the guy behind you? You want to ignore it and […]