adult with face in hands

Moving Past Trauma: Tips and Advice from Grief and Trauma Specialist, Janine Naus.

Janine Naus is an internationally recognized Grief and Trauma Relief Specialist, Certified Life, Spiritual and Energetic Coach, a Certified Calm, Accepting, Resilient & Empathetic (CARE) Trauma Practitioner and […]

7 Anger Management Hacks for Kids

Anger and frustration can manifest in various forms and can turn into aggression, defiance, and disrespect. Children who didn’t learn how to manage anger may have […]
Negative Self-Talk

Negative Self-Talk: How to Help Your Child Turn It into Self-Kindness

Rewiring the brain and erasing negative words is doable because negative self-talk is a choice. Showing love for the self is key.
pets at home

Pets At Home Can Boost Your Child’s Well-Being And Promote Family Bonding

Countless scientific studies have already proven that letting children grow up with an animal family member presents a lot of advantages. Pets at home can be massive boosters of well-being for the family.
Holiday hoemwork for parents

This school is redefining holiday homework. It’s for parents, not kids!

From tips on bonding to learning the value of effort, from hitting it up with neighbours to sharing the love with pets, this holiday to-do list for parents has it all covered adorably!