The Parenting Styles Ultimate Guide: Why It’s Crucial For The Millennial Parent

A large part of the parenting outcome can be predicted by something called the Parenting Styles. Simply put, parenting style is the style of communication, response and discipline parents use to raise their children.
Homeschooling done right

Homeschooling isn’t a race, its a journey: Jennifer Elia, Homeschooling Curriculum consultant

Homeschooling offers the most flexible, personalized, and progressive education, but it does not mean you have to teach every single lesson.
Sleep revolution-new moms

Joanna Clark: The Woman Leading The Sleep Revolution For Families

Joanna Clark is leading the Sleep revolution for overwhelmed, frazzled moms to help families feel well-rested, refreshed, alert, and cheerful.
Gender Neutral Products

Gender Neutral Products A First Step Towards Gender Equality: Amita Malhotra, Co-founder of Candidly India

EqualiTee offers a range of gender-neutral products to challenge the highly gendered world of children’s play and expression.
Women's friendships | Kidskintha

Women’s Friendships Affect Our Children: Friendship Coach Tracey Dobbins

Women's friendships should act as a support network, so it’s important that you only give your time to those who make you happy.