Colors of India- Kids Activity Calendar 2020

Kids Activity Calendar 2020: Ideas To Mark A Remarkable Year In A Childhood

'The Iconiq Colours of India' kids' activity calendar 2020 keep kids both interested and on track for a whole year!
Negative Self-Talk

Negative Self-Talk: How to Help Your Child Turn It into Self-Kindness

Rewiring the brain and erasing negative words is doable because negative self-talk is a choice. Showing love for the self is key.
Legendairy Milk

Legendairy Milk: Interview with Entrepreneur Luna Feehan

Legendairy Milk is an organic supplement company founded by Luna Feehan that helps nursing and pumping mothers boost their breastmilk production.

Parenting Styles: The Handy Ultimate Guide For The Millennial Parent

A large part of the parenting outcome can be predicted by something called the Parenting Styles. Simply put, parenting style is the style of communication, response and discipline parents use to raise their children.
Homeschooling done right

Homeschooling isn’t a race, its a journey: Jennifer Elia, Homeschooling Curriculum consultant

Homeschooling offers the most flexible, personalized, and progressive education, but it does not mean you have to teach every single lesson.