Math Anxiety

7 Effective Ways To Beat Math Anxiety In Students: Tips From a Tutor

Math anxiety in students is real and skills involving analysis, evaluation, and synthesis are higher order require different learning and teaching methods.
Once Upon A Story: Gijubhai Badheka

‘Once Upon A Story’ on Gijubhai Badheka: A Handbook For Every Educator

Gijubhai Badheka introduced and incorporated teaching tools that we need today- over a hundred years ago from a small town in India.

Acting Kindly: A Real World Game In Schools To Beat Bullying and Encourage Kindness

The 'Acting Kindly @School'  card games provide an amazing opportunity for young people to step out of their normal roles and learn empathy and kindness.
Best curriculum for my child | Kidskintha

2 questions to ask yourself before choosing a Board of Education (BoE)

Is there really that much of a difference between CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE boards? Is there a ‘best’ board or curriculum? What will serve your child best?
US college admissions

US College Admissions: 12 Common Myths

American colleges offer a rich variety of opportunities, with diverse climates and numerous programs of study. You can major in anthrozoology (the study of human-animal interactions) […]