Facts About Chandrayaan-2

30 Starter Ideas For Science Discussions With Facts About Chandrayaan-2

Discussing facts about Chandrayaan-2 to lead a superb inquiry session with children aged 4 and above, depending on the age of the children in your class.
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How study habits are evolving/changing among teens in India

The backbone of any country is education and the access of the youth to education.  No country can hope to be better without providing quality education […]
Author Meagan J. Meehan

Author Meagan J. Meehan Announces Children’s Book Writing Class–Get YOUR Story Published

Author and journalist Meagan J. Meehan has just announced the debut of her first online children’s book writing class that ends with publication.
Homeschooling done right

Homeschooling isn’t a race, its a journey: Jennifer Elia, Homeschooling Curriculum consultant

Homeschooling offers the most flexible, personalized, and progressive education, but it does not mean you have to teach every single lesson.

Homeschooling: A Homeschooler Shares Her Journey

Before I get into the details of homeschooling, and how and why we do it, here is a brief explanation of the days that led us […]