parent teacher partnership

Nurturing parent-teacher partnerships for student well-being and achievement- Part 1

Leverage parent-teacher relationships to create a shared vision for your child and student, even with varied stakeholder views, opinions and expectations.
childhood sexuality awareness

Childhood sexuality awareness is not ‘birds and bees’ talk: Dr. Nandita DeSouza of Sethu Foundation

Childhood sexuality is an important part of child development, intertwined with self-help skills, socialisation, self-awareness, body image and self-esteem.

The No-Detention Policy stands scrapped in India. Does detention help children ‘catch up’?

Studies have shown that the effects of detention dissipate in two years. What actions can we take?
Power of Play

The Woman Who Brings India’s First Dedicated Conference On The Power Of Play: Preethi Vickram

Several studies show that the Power of Play is absolutely essential for brain development, especially social and emotional development.
Evaluating a school

A School Tests Every Child For Admission. Do Parents Evaluate The School Climate Enough?

Parents collectively have enormous power to influence the school climate because they hold monetary power. It is in the best interest of every parent to ensure the school focuses on the academic performance of all students without compromising on student well being.