Bored child

Boredom is a gift to your child! No, Seriously!!!

I cannot stress enough on the importance of this particular kind of boredom, which originates from free unstructured time, on child development...
Bullying in Schools: Effective Classroom Techniques

Bullying in Schools:10 Effective Classroom Strategies to Nip It Early!

Bullying is an epidemic that the world is fighting hard against! Don’t believe me? Here are some nice stats on bullying in schools: 1 in every 4 kids is bullied […]

Raise a Book Lover: 10 Breezy ways to beat the deluge of distractions!

It’s a world of smart media. You could call it the world of ,er – distractions, but one has to choose one’s words wisely. Your toddler just […]

New School? 7 Effective Ways to Help Your Child Transition Seamlessly

Children share their feelings if they know they won’t be judged.These simple techniques will help your child transition to a new environment...

Stories to the Rescue- An Educator Shares Her Story!

MATH AND SCIENCE THROUGH STORYTELLING?  Hmmm, REALLY? When I started my storytelling practice in 2009, I used to go to a Montessori school once a week […]