Deeptha Vivekanand- Founder, Ever After.

Learning through Stories – Meet the woman who set out to change how children learn!

School. Memories. Dreaded Math. Boring History.  Geography? and Biology? Too much work.  Long hours in classrooms.  Chemistry? Stand all day!  Lunch with friends. Interesting snippets about the prude […]

The art of kindling imagination- Meet the woman who made it her business!

There are things you can teach your child. And then there are things that your child learns! Experts say that a healthy child asks anywhere between 300-400 questions […]

Tell that story and watch that spark come alive!

Anybody can tell a story. Right now maybe you are telling one-to yourself, God, a friend or family! A story can be as simple as a […]

Why stories are everyone’s best friends!

“History is just stories.” My father told me when I frowned at the voluminous history text-book. “All the kings built rest houses, erected pillars and had […]

15 fabulous examples that connect science and stories!

The beginning… It was another frenzied morning in maddening traffic; replete with honking and swearing all around but very little getting ahead. It was then that […]