Bullying in Schools:10 Effective Classroom Strategies to Nip It Early!

Bullying is an epidemic that the world is fighting hard against! Don’t believe me? Here are some nice stats on bullying in schools: 1 in every 4 kids is bullied […]

Raise a Book Lover: 10 Breezy ways to beat the deluge of distractions!

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New School? 7 Effective Ways to Help Your Child Transition Seamlessly

Children share their feelings if they know they won’t be judged.These simple techniques will help your child transition to a new environment...

Stories to the Rescue- An Educator Shares Her Story!

MATH AND SCIENCE THROUGH STORYTELLING?  Hmmm, REALLY? When I started my storytelling practice in 2009, I used to go to a Montessori school once a week […]
Deeptha Vivekanand- Founder, Ever After.

Learning through Stories – Meet the woman who set out to change how children learn!

School. Memories. Dreaded Math. Boring History.  Geography? and Biology? Too much work.  Long hours in classrooms.  Chemistry? Stand all day!  Lunch with friends. Interesting snippets about the prude […]