Belouga: Where Globalization and Education Meet

Belouga is a new platform that bridges the gap between online and offline learning and gives users the chance to engage with communities near and far.
The reflective learner| Kidskintha

A Deep-Dive Into Reflective Learning Strategies In Classrooms From ‘The Reflective Learner’

Tons of practical tools and resources for reflective learning in the book "The Reflective Learner" -an enduring tool for learning to draw inspiration from mistakes.
School climate

School Climate: How do we assess it before your child begins school?

A positive school climate is critical for the safety of students, academic achievement, school success and even retention of teachers. How do we assess it?
Facts About Chandrayaan-2

30 Starter Ideas For Science Discussions With Facts About Chandrayaan-2

Discussing facts about Chandrayaan-2 to lead a superb inquiry session with children aged 4 and above, depending on the age of the children in your class.
Photo by Lukas from Pexels

How study habits are evolving/changing among teens in India

The backbone of any country is education and the access of the youth to education.  No country can hope to be better without providing quality education […]