A conversation on God!
Sharanya: Mom, who is our God. Who do you pray to?
Me: Sharanya , I don’t pray to any one God. I believe in all. You can pray to any which God you want. But most importantly, you should try to be a good person.
Sharanaya: I am already good. But I think I will pray to Thor or Poseidon or Zeus.
Me: What..who??
Sharanya: The God of lightning, or the God of Water or the Main God.
Me: And why?
Sharanya: Thor..coz he’s epic..(whatever that means in her vocab), Poseidon..’coz everyone needs water to survive..or Zeus ..’coz I am king like him…
I explain to her the equivalent Indian Gods – Indra – God of Thunder / Lightning, Varuna – Lord of Water/Rain, Agni – God of Fire, Vishnu – Main God…and so on.
She finally decides to worship Hermes..god of sports. !!

-contributed by Usha Prakash


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