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What’s On Your Wishlist? Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2020.

  Most of us are at home, willingly or not, riding through the Corona Virus pandemic. Some of us are working from home, some are studying, […]
Home due to coronavirus

42 things to do when you’re stuck at home because of Corona Virus

Cities across the world have issued mandatory school closures to stem the spread of the Corona Virus. Most people, infected or not, are in quarantine. Office […]

These 10 free sites will ignite your inner genius.

30 minutes a day. That is all you need to pivot from the cycle of outrage politics (as I call it) and media hyperbole. When every […]
Online Safety for kids

How safe is your child online? Monitor 6 apps on your child’s phone with a handy infographic

Do you know what your adolescent child is doing on his phone.? Media usage has increased exponentially for children between 5 and 18 years of age. […]
International Women's Day

International Women’s Day: A Curated Video List To Drive Conversations Beyond Just One Day

A curated set of videos that drive conversations and change for women's empowerment beyond International Women's Day.