Author Meagan J. Meehan

Author Meagan J. Meehan Announces Children’s Book Writing Class–Get YOUR Story Published

Author and journalist Meagan J. Meehan has just announced the debut of her first online children’s book writing class that ends with publication.
The Snitch, The Witch, and the One That Was Rich

The Snitch, The Witch, and the Author: Interview with Writer Joe Spraga

“The Snitch, The Witch, and the One That Was Rich” is a unique tale by Joe Spraga, a children’s book author who is known for this which he self-published in 2015.
Dr. Panda Town

Dr. Panda Town: The Ultimate Collection

Dr. Panda Town is one of the most popular series of app games in existence who have released dozens of titles that appeal to preschool audiences and beyond.
Lost Kitties

Lost Kitties: Interview with Author Maggie Fischer

“Lost Kitties” is a new line of books aimed at young fans who love cats; it premiered with three titles this summer, all penned by author Maggie Fischer.

Klimbo Wooden Puppet Тheater: Interview with Toy Designer and Inventor Ivo Timanov

Klimbo is the company behind the incredible Wooden Puppet Theater, a toy that crosses the line into fine arts craftsmanship.