Kiddopia: An Edutainment App for the iGeneration

Kiddopia is an edutainment app that makes learning fun for small children. While a typical one-year-old knows about 70 words, an eighteen-month-old can learn one new word every two waking hours!
Little Hippo Books

Little Hippo® Books: Augmented Reality Meets Classic Storybooks

Little Hippo Books is a startup company that uses cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology to revolutionize reading for the next generation.

Hasbro Releases Excellent New Toys in Time for Fall 2018

Hasbro is one of the most successful tout companies in the world due largely to their incredibly Imaginative, detailed, and well-made toys. From original properties to licensed material, Hasbro knows how to create truly fun and unique items. Just in time for Fall of 2018
Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy Offers “Summer Fun Piano Passport”

Hoffman Academy is a music school that has found a way to make summer more exciting for kids by helping them find their inner Mozart.
Fancy Nancy

“Fancy Nancy” Inspires a Toy Line

“Fancy Nancy” is a popular television show on Disney Junior which follows the adventures of a girl who brings fanciness to everything from her advanced vocabulary to her creative, elaborate attire, and so much more.