Alicia Souza

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Alicia Souza!

The amazing Alicia Souza is celebrating Mother's Day with some belly-jiggling, cute creations with our wonderful readers! Offer Valid till 13th, May 2018!
Sustainable lifestyle ideas

12 Sustainable Lifestyle Ideas That Will Be The Norm In Our Kids’ World

Millennials continue to the be most willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings, with generation Z not far behind. Here are 12 sustainable lifestyle ideas that might well become the staple in our children's lives- much like smartphones and social media have become in ours.
Holiday hoemwork for parents

This school is redefining holiday homework. It’s for parents, not kids!

From tips on bonding to learning the value of effort, from hitting it up with neighbours to sharing the love with pets, this holiday to-do list for parents has it all covered adorably!
Why we celebrate Ugadi

Wisdom in our festivals: Why do we celebrate Ugadi?

Why do we celebrate Ugadi: A festival of summer, Ugadi is one of the most looked-forward-to festivals in India. Also known as 'Yugadi," which literally means, " Start of a new 'Yug(Era in Sanskrit)," this festival marks the beginning of a New Year in the Southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. 

Do Fewer Toys For Children Mean Lesser Play?

There is credit in intentionally limiting toys for children. Fewer toys for children act as stimulants to develop creativity and empathy. Amidst the constant bombardment of more advanced, more colorful, more stimulating, more educational, more this and more that, this article presents why less is really more!