Paint with Franz Marc- Katha Books

Paint Like Franz Marc: Katha’s Gentle Nudge For Young Readers & Artists

Paint Like Franz Marc has a collection of the famous German Expressionist painter Franz Marc best known for his brightly colored paintings of animals.
Colors of India- Kids Activity Calendar 2020

Kids Activity Calendar 2020: Ideas To Mark A Remarkable Year In A Childhood

'The Iconiq Colours of India' kids' activity calendar 2020 keep kids both interested and on track for a whole year!
Boarding Schools Fair

Event Alert: A ‘Boarding Schools Fair’ in Gurgaon

This week, New Delhi is hosting a premium 'boarding schools' event for students looking for education opportunities abroad through a collaboration between The Red Pen, Linden Educational Services and Case.
Overcoming math anxiety

5 Easy Ways To Catch Symptoms Early And Overcome Math Anxiety

Math anxiety is now reaching the status of a "national crisis", with the number of adults holding math skills equivalent to a GCSE grade C falling year after year. and it's essential to find ways to overcome math anxiety.

Special Needs International Summit-A Short Survey

Special Needs International Summit - A short survey will help us bring your challenges and needs directly to the speakers so we can delve on them as much as possible, making the conference relevant and useful to you.